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Global Pre-Seed to Round A Investors | Liked-Minded Entrepreneurs | Intensely Involved

We are global investors. Talent is everywhere and it's critical to find the best entrepreneurs wherever they are, regardless of their locations, including in less VC-abundant geographies.

We offer quick responses and deal execution. No BS, no waste of time, simple founders-friendly terms. Period.

We are a one General Partner fund. We have no additional fluff layers and overhead. Our founders are working directly with our GP, supported by a very strong Operating Partner, who are both intensely-involved and committed to push the boundaries for our startups in everything from GTM to Sales/business development, and subsequent Capital-raising (Round B and up), to ensure our startup grow exponentially and become unicorns in less than 5 years. 

We are like-minded entrepreneurs. Our founders regard us as cofounders, who also happen to be their financial sponsors, rather than the usual "banker/corporate turned-VC" (we've "been there, done that" many times and have actually been through the sweat, blood, and tears that startups go through in their first years of existence).

We are first-check conviction investors. As the VC market raises more capital than ever, and moves upstream to later-stage companies (2021 was a 7-years low in seed-stage deals), we, on the contrary, like to get involved as early as possible (often times without an existing entity; one founder or an incomplete team; or an incomplete idea/product), writing large opinionated first-checks (up to $15M in milestones) in conviction-led markets, backing bold mission-driven, highly-technical market-experts entrepreneurs, and filling their entire financial needs from Pre-Seed to Round A, and without necessarily going for the usual "VC syndicate". We continue to support our portfolio also in larger later-stage rounds (Round B and much beyond), this time alongside our network of industry-leading VCs and PEs.

We are (very) long-term patient investors. We want to help our entrepreneurs to build large significant world-changing lasting companies. There have been lots of studies which show that over 90% of the value of successful startups is being created after 10 years, sometimes as long as after 20 years. We understand that and as such have created the necessary structure to support our entrepreneurs all the way, which means that we're not going to push our companies to sell or to go for IPO if the founders don't want to, just so that we could return our fund.

We are sector-focused on crypto/blockchain infrastructure and platforms, and believe we do it very differently. Crypto/DLT/Web3 will have a profound impact on all industries and corners of society. They are here to stay. However, we feel that the industry is currently filled with hype and with people with either little understanding of regulations, little understanding on how the tech actually works, religious/cult behaviours, and scams. 

Thanks to our experience and for being involved in the industry since its early days, we believe that we have the necessary understanding and deep networks "with the right people" (technologists, financial institutions, corporations and regulators/legislators), to build the critical platforms and infrastructure gaps, beyond the hype, addressing painful problems in large (global) growing markets with disruptive tech, new product categories, and innovative approaches, so that Crypto, DLT, and more specifically DeFi and NFTs, can actually deliver the promise that these technologies could bring.​ We know what we seek and our networks know it too. The best way to connect with us is via our close network, coming recommended and vetted, which allows us to reduce risk and be efficient, quickly filtering through the noise and spending time on high-quality entrepreneurs working on high-quality projects.



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